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Small Fridge Without Freezer – Ideal For Small Spaces

If you have a small office with hardly any space and yet want to store cold water and beverages for yourself and for your clients, then look no further than a small fridge without freezer. Obviously, while selecting such a tiny gadget, you will have to compromise somewhere. Though it is ideal for storing beverage and water bottles cool enough during the summer season, you cannot use it for making ice cubes. The biggest advantage of the mini fridge is that it has a small footprint and you can keep it in any corner of your office without any problem. You can also use it to keep vegetables, butter, eggs, and other perishable goods in your kitchen, cool and fresh, without compromising on floor space.

They consume much less energy than the traditional double door fridges. For the uninitiated, the typical fridge accounts for approximately 20% of your total power bill. Available in a wide range of colors, you can be sure to find one that compliments the interior of your office or kitchen. Since they are available in different heights, you can select a model that is appropriate for your requirement. Their narrow width allows you to put them comfortably, even in small spaces. Another positive aspect of these tiny fridges is that they consume far less power. The standard fridge uses lots of energy to chill the atmosphere inside the freezer to make ice. Comparatively, the freezer less small fridge hardly consumes any power, since it only has to maintain a temperature that keeps the food fresh and drinks cold enough without over chilling them.

The butter stays fresh and does not turn rock hard. Therefore, you do have to wait for it to warm up a bit, before you can apply it on toast. Some of these tiny fridges are so small that they fit inside alcoves, freeing up valuable space inside the kitchen and simultaneously stay at a comfortable height, so that nobody has to bend to access things stored inside them. These mini fridges are extremely useful for owners of drug stores, who need to store certain medicines at a low temperature. Most such fridges allow you to keep bottles and cans in a compartment built inside the door. Some models have a slide in section where you can store bottles horizontally.

You need to check out certain factors before purchasing such a fridge. Make sure that you check their energy rating. These ratings are in the form of stars. A fridge containing five stars will consume much less power than one that has a single star. Whilst the five star models might be a bit expensive compared to the single star model, it pays off its extra cost in a few months in the form of reduced power consumption. However, if you want the tiny fridge for making ice occasionally, purchase a model that contains a knob that allows you to change its temperature. By setting this knob to 0 degrees, you can freeze water to ice as well.