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Reviews About Microfridge Smudge-Free Stainless Steel

Intirion Corporation has its a well known name for its home appliances because the designs and technologies of their products concentrates on usage is smaller and mediocre living environments. This corporation introduced MicroFridge as a brand for a combination of freezer, fridge and microwaves. Since its evolution, this brand has been seeking innovative methods to meet the needs of consumers and it has served as a pioneer for many new technologies. One of the popular products that has been well reviewed by users is the Microfridge 3.6MFRAS-E Smudge-free, stainless steel. It is equipped with the technology to solve problems of overload on circuits and it utilized in hotels, dorm rooms, military messes and other residences. The refrigerators, along with other from the company, have the patent of the technology that uses half the electricity and also has much lesser risks of overload.

This model has been reviewed well for its appearance an innovative design. The MFRAS-E has medium sized dimensions as it has a width of about 18.6 inches along with a depth of 20.1 inches. The height is approximately 33.5 inches. The refrigerator combination has a shipping weight of 58 pounds and an assembled weight of 51 pounds which makes it extremely lightweight. As a result, it is easily maneuverable and portable to be placed at many different locations. The appearance of the appliance is very appealing as well. It has a stainless steel exterior and a pearl black interior. There is one door which is not reversible but a positive quality is the body and finish if smudge free and easier to keep clean.

Additionally, this MicroFridge mini fridge product came into being for personal usage after a lot of consumer demand because previously it was only manufactured for commercial use and applications. This appliance offers convenient food preservation and storage solution in a compact as well as integrated unit. The capacity of this one is 3.6 cu ft which is ample for personal use and placement in a dorm room or office. The fridge comprises of a fresh food drawer to keep fruits and vegetables separately and preserve them well to maintain their taste. Even though the appliance is extremely condensed in size, it still comprises of a full width freezer compartment. The ice compartment has a good performance and produces ample ice to serve one or two people in a day. In addition to an active cooling system, the smart store door preserves the cool air inside and prevents any flow outside. It closes like a magnet whenever the door is near so that the cooling remains excellent inside the appliance.

Moreover, this is one of the few compact fridges that is Energy Star qualified. Not only does it have enormous amounts of electricity with its technology, it will allow you to save on extra utility bill and save energy too. The SafePlug technology is an innovation by the manufacturer company and it reduces extra load on circuits. This energy efficiency is one of the best features liked by the users.

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