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Microfridge 2.4 Well Suited For Small Dorm Rooms

MicroFridge was specifically introduced for the manufacture of compact home appliances for smaller living spaces. It is a branch of Intirion where production of appliances for residential use was commenced solely because of popular demand from users. The mini refrigerators that they manufacture are well suited for usage in small dorm rooms or offices or even in hotel rooms for personal use. Their likeable range of fridges includes the MicroFridge 2.4MFR which is a combination of a microwave and a small fridge, making it a perfect appliance to be placed in your kitchen. The products by MicroFridge are unique and this one has received positive reviews by most because of its remarkable features of both products that perform well.

This Microfridge mini fridge  model has a reasonable rating by the users for its unmatchable appearance and design. The storage capacity of the fridge part is 2.4 cu ft because it is one the mini sized ones. The attached microwave has a capacity of 0.7 cu ft along with an output of 700 Watts. The overall dimensions of the unit include a depth of about 19.6 inches and a width of about 18.6 inches. The assembled height of this combination is approximately 35.8 inches and the weight is 68 Lbs which is a little more than normal small fridges. Also, appearance of this interesting blend is highly likely to attract the attention of your visitors. So, the exterior is made appealing to please them as well. The body has a stainless steel color and finish and the overall exterior is smudge free. As a resultant, the body can be kept sparkling by keeping it clean. The interior is unique for a refrigerator because the top and the sides inside are pearl black in color. The whole combo has two doors; one door for the fridge and the other for the microwave. Both are easy grip doors for user friendliness.  Both doors are also reversible in style. Additionally, the black fridge cabinet door has a fine recessed handle. Therefore, the appearance is aesthetically pleasing as well as attention diverting which thus gets it a high rating for its design and look.

Side by side, the installation of this model is very convenient because it is free standing and also because of the availability of front leveling legs. So, feel free to place it in a small room or in any place in your kitchen. Further features of the refrigerator that are admired by users in this small sized appliance include that its storage capacity well divided offering flexibility. Two full width shelves are present inside that is made of wire. Their flat back design facilitates space saving. Two liter bottle can be placed in the small door storage too. The reviews also talk about the temperature control knob that is used to set the temperature of the fridge. The defrost method is automatic and the cleaning is easy as well.

The microwave can be detached to provide easy installation. The features in this part of the combo include ExpressCook setting and user friendly programmable cooking settings. It also has an LED display to show cook times and durations and a timer to adjust cooking times. The interior glass carousel is removable for easy cleaning.

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