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Making Sense of Black and Decker Compact Refrigerator Reviews

Black and Decker Compact Refrigerator reviews could leave the reader feeling ambivalent about this product. One customer will say this is a great appliance for the money. Another will tell you to avoid it and the company as a whole. Some consumers are downright angry, some are disappointed, but many have also been pleased with their purchase. How does one make sense of this wide divide in opinions?

Apply Common Sense to Reviews

Black and Decker mini fridge

Black and Decker mini fridge

One customer put it rightly when he said that a few reviewers would have had better experiences had they read their instructions fully before using this appliance, not just reading reviews. Several instructions would prevent common problems from occurring. While products still break down sometimes regardless of how they are treated by their owners, reading the instruction manual would prevent a lot of trouble. For instance, this booklet mentions the need to let your fridge sit before plugging it in. Have patience: the shipping process is hard on refrigerators.

Black and Decker Compact Refrigerator Reviews: Ideal Uses

This article pertains to the company’s 3.3 cubic-foot mini fridge-freezer, a novel little item used by many owners as their main refrigerator. It is an ideal size for a single person and even for a couple without children. As long as you do not need to keep a lot of perishable stuff on hand at any given time, this item will do just fine until your family grows. When that happens, this compact refrigerator could be used as a place to store pop and ice cream in your basement for parties, as a fridge for a small rental suite, or to keep at your holiday home for use a few times each year.

Features of the Black and Decker Mini Fridge

This small two-door refrigerator has a freezer on top which automatically defrosts itself. Consumers suggest breaking down ice if it starts to build up, but it is not necessary to perform a manual defrost. Adjust the temperature for your refrigerator/freezer manually.

Both doors can be hinged to the left or right. Inside are two glass shelves and a clear crisper drawer for fruit and vegetables. To fit larger items inside, remove one of the shelves. The door is fitted with a special can storage feature: take out one can of drink from the bottom and the stack drops automatically. Reload from the top. A bottom shelf on the door holds 2L bottles comfortably with a small shelf above for little cartons of yogurt or applesauce.

Black and Decker Mini Fridge/Freezer Reviews

You can get a hold of the Black and Decker Compact Refrigerator for less than $200. While numerous clients have complained that this appliance is too noisy, most would agree that they would be hard pressed to do better for the money. Besides, several other users have argued this is not a terribly noisy item: just noisier than some other models they have encountered. Do not expect total silence and you will be pleased with how little space your mini fridge/freezer takes up in a cramped location.