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Koolatron CR48W Fridge can Meet Your Need

Are you in search of a small size refrigerator to place in an office or hostel room? Koolatron manufactures many mini-fridges for personal use or use by a smaller family. One of the recommended items amongst these is the CR48W Kool 48-Quart-Capacity Thermoelectric Fridge, White in color. This is a choice you must consider if your needs include a compact appliance, with storage space that is well-divided and a temperature adjustment that can be set to as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit below surrounding temperature. The features packaged in this product are an attractive option with the value and quality that if being offered by Koolatron.

Mini Fridge

Mini Fridge


The Koolatron CR48W Kool 48-Quart-Capacity Thermoelectric Fridge, White, has an attractive flat back design. The storage capacity is 1.7 cu ft which is little but considering the usage will be either by an individual or two people, the capacity is ample to store little quantity of food. The dimensions of the appliance are 17 inches width and 18.5 inches depth. The assembled height is approximately 19 inches and the weight of the appliance is only 22.13 pounds. This condensed item being so lightweight and portable can be conveniently placed anywhere even on countertops. It also has leveling legs. Overall, the design is sleek and aesthetically pleasant with its white color body.  The door is reversible  and it has a recessed and thin handle. Also, the frame of the door is magnetically sealed to ensure the cool air stays in.

The most important feature of this appliance is the presence of a thermoelectric cooling system. It is due to this that the CR48W model can cool its contents very efficiently and quickly. This refrigerator provides a temperature that is extremely low. It offers adjustability to temperature to a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit below the ambient temperature. The temperature is controlled via a thermostat that can be adjusted anywhere between 02 degree Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius. Moreover, there is a full-width shelf inside the appliance. This shelf inside is easily removable which allows flexibility of storage space according to need.

Why to choose it ?

This Koolatron product features a first class quality compressor equipped with thermoelectric technology which is extremely energy efficient , environment friendly and much less noisy than the conventional fridge compressors that are always making sounds. The appliance along with this compressor operates at a minimal power. It works perfectly at 110V AC.

Another amazing factor which will make you want to buy this product is the cost that you will get it at. It is available on many online home appliances stores at a price of $110USD which is incredibly reasonable for a miniature fridge with likable performance.

Side by side, the customer reviews of this items are extremely good. It has been ranked at an average of 4 stars by many consumers  for it quality, value and cooling performance. Therefore, if this appliance fulfills all the basic needs that you require in your pick of a mini-fridge, it is a highly recommended product.

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