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Koolatron 1.7 Cu. Feet Can Fit To Your Room Space

Koolatron is one of those leading names in the industry that has been excelling in the manufacturing of heating pipes.  One of its bestselling items is the Koolatron 48 L (1.7 Cu. Feet) – Features Heat Pipe Technology. These pipes are so well designed that they can easily fit in to your room space. Therefore if you have a small sized room then this can be a perfect choice for you. In addition, this technology is highly preferred and excessively used in military, aerospace and computer industries for the purposes of transferring heat rapidly.

Highlights of Features and Specifications

Some of the main specifications and features of this extraordinary product includes that it is capable of operating on a 12 volt direct current or alternatively at a 110 volt alternate current. It is so efficient that it only used up to 6 amperes of current only at a rate of 12 volt. In addition, the heat pipe also comprises of the thermoelectric cooling system along with a whisper quiet operation. This is capable of cooling by thirty degree Celsius or by fifty four degree Fahrenheit which is below the ambient temperature. The overall heat pipe technology is equipped with the adjustable temperature control to set the temperature as per your own choice, an interior light for better visibility and a removable shelf. This is some of great use in trucks, boats or trailer.

Product Dimensions

If we specifically talk about the technical specifications of this particular product, then it would be no wrong to say that it has been designed with keen considerations of all in and out and to benefit the customers in the best possible way. Its overall height is only 20 inches while the width is only 18.5 inches. It has the capacity of approximately 48L or of 1.7 cubic feet. This heat pipe technology weighs only 25 pounds or nearly 12.5 kg which is pretty much easier to carry to handle. Its efficiency rate is really high and only consumes around 12 volts of the total power. Thus it is pretty much obvious that how efficiently and effectively it has been designed to benefit you as much as it can.

How it works?

As a matter of fact, the way it has been designed so efficiently and professionally, similarly its overall working is also pretty much impressive. What it actually does is that its solid state thermoelectric module plays the role of a heat pump in order to remove all the excessive heat from the fridge. Koolatron mini Fridge helps in the better performance of the appliance. Next, all the heat from the this thermoelectric module is the absorbed by the heat pipe which as a result vaporizes the total liquid refrigerant thus moving the heat away from the source rapidly. This allows the temperature to drop at a faster pace and make the appliance a user friendly refrigerant. Now what else would you demand for once you have such an amazing technology in house for your benefit.

Therefore why look for something else when you have something which is so much useful and worth paying.

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