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Haier HNSE032 3.2 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator/Freezer white

When looking for appliances that takes up little space, but gives full features of a regular unit, haier hnse032 3.2-cu.ft refrigerator comes highly recommended with improved specifications. Mostly in white, this model is compact with full width freezer compartment, and two interior glass shelves. This instrument stands at 17.5×19.6×31.5 yet provide space needed to store a quart bottle on its door, a soda can dispenser as well as enough storage for a long cylindrical receptacle with a capacity of two liter.

Other cool specs include, compressor cooling, where it provided temperatures as low as 34°F, which is unaffected by the changes in room temperature. This half width freezer is spacious for keeping items extra cold. The glass shelves are solid, keeping items in place with its easy clean surface. The clear door bin allows for hosting at least two one gallon tall containers. Temperature is gauged by a single mechanical knob, and defrosting is a manual process. Its market price ranges from $149 to $326.

17 out of 34 persons who purchased the unit on Amazon gave the unit 5 stars. This shows us that at least 50 per cent were satisfied. One pleased customer commented that it was perfect for tv dinners, ice cream and setting ice trays for the cubes. Four of the purchasers gave the instrument two stars, with one person indicating that after assembly, it was lop-sided and had to revert to a folded paper plate to right its deficiencies.
This item is just one in a series of consumer appliances, produced in China, Qindao, Shandong. Also in the line are various designs and developments of washing machines, air conditioners, mobile phones, microwave ovens and televisions. With the largest market share of white goods, this brand has exceeded its overall revenue of two hundred million dollars. That was just the American market share alone.

Patents and utility model applications have numbered over 300 per year with over 80 000 employees. This company has amasses reputation and revenues to become a mover and shaker not just in mainland China, but also in a number of developing nations.
Rivals to the brand provide energy saver thereby cutting electricity usage by as much as 30% in some brands. The Haier products do however provide energy star showing prudent responsibility in helping to cut carbon use, and the company is actively engaged in sponsoring the National Parks Conservation Association.

The company provides and interactive website for customers around the world to browse the latest and improved products, as well as providing a frequently asked web page. Also highlighted are recalls, as well as a list of service parts for repair and upgrades. The Info hub allows clientele to choose the best appliance according to their specific need and taste.
Not only is the company open for customer interaction, but it also openly invites applications for the individual seeking careers in the industry. Successful candidates join the multi-national, multi-cultural staff of this far reaching and internationally recognized hub of creativity and expertise.

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