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Haier Energy Star Mini Refrigerator Reviews

Nowadays, refrigerators are available in various sizes and capacities ranging from 72 inches tall French door ones to little 25 inches ones. If you want an appliance for your personal use and are looking for a small sized refrigerator for your dorm room, one item that you must consider is the Haier ECR27W  ENERGY STAR. It is small in size and comprises of all the necessary features of a good refrigerator.

This model has a capacity of 2.7 cu ft in the refrigerator and 0.28 cu ft in the freezer. The dimensions are a width of 18 inches and a depth of approximately 18 inches as well. The 26 inches height gives it a compact design. It is very convenient to move and place anywhere because of its weight of 39.7 Lbs. This mini refrigerator is available in white color and has a flat door with a recessed door handle. The door is hinged on the right side

Besides, the astonishingly compact size and good personal storage space for food, this appliance has ample features. It has two full width interior shelves which give versatile options for storing food. These are wire shelves. The design of these shelves is flat-back which saves space. There are also two full width storage shelves in the door and you can easily keep two liter bottles here. Moreover, the leveling legs are adjustable. The freezer compartment is half width. Therefore, the storage space and interior setting is good and useful for such a small sized fridge and it has received positive reviews about these basic attributes.

Furthermore, there is the thermostat that is adjustable and facilitates in setting the wanted temperature for the food you wish to preserve. It also has a manual defrost installed and the control type is a mechanical knob. However, it lacks an interior light which is an inconvenience especially when the fridge is accessed in the dark. Overall, these additions are well-liked by consumers in this mini-refrigerator.

As far as the energy consumption is concerned, the appliance is certified to be energy efficient. The Haier Mini Refrigerator/Freezer has a reasonably good warranty of 5 years for its sealed system. The rating on energy effectiveness is impressive. The warranty for parts and labor is one year. These are pleasing additions in the whole package. Nevertheless, there have been negative reviews as well about the performance of this appliance. The quality of the product has received one on five by many users. Side by side, the value of the product also has a low score on many online stores. It has an average of two on five by many users. In a nutshell, the reviews show a good product with fine features but poor quality.


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