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Go To Walmart To Purchase Fridge Freezer Combo

Mostly small fridges are used for dens, dorm rooms and are used for ice and drinks only as the size is small and serves for this purpose only.  If you got at Walmart, you will see many mini fridge freezer combo that you can select from. Before you go out to Walmart to purchase one, have a some combos in mind so that it gets easy for you purchase.

Danby DCR326BSL

It is a two door mini fridge with a freezer and is amongst the few stainless combos that  has all the necessary features for your bedroom or office. The height of this combo is less than 36 inches. It includes a stubby unit, two drawers of units. It has more space for the fridge compared to the freezer and this makes it suitable. The advantages of this combo are that it has a perfect price, a decent look and is Energy star rated.

The disadvantage of this unit is the capacity which is not great but not bad for a 3.1 cubic feet fridge. The price of this unit is around 249.

Summit B1540

This combo has certain choices that will work best for you.  The height of this combo is below 36 inches and you can get the door painted with any color or also with a finish of stainless steel. The advantage of this unit is that it easily blends with the counter tops and cabinets. The capacity is also nice that is 5.3 cubic feet. The disadvantage is that the freezer unit is small for the practical use of every day. The price of this combo is around $730.

Summit CP3ADA

This unit is not much great looks and also has a capacity of 2.9 cubic feet, still it does maintain a better balance of space available between the freezer and the fridge. The advantage is that it fits in the height specification and balances the capacity of both the units. It is also energy star rated. One disadvantage is that is available in white color only. The price of this combo is $550.

Vitrifrigo C180RFX

Another combo can also be good for you. It offers great capacity of 5.5 cubic feet and is sufficient for the everyday use. The advantage is the big capacity and the stainless finish. The disadvantage is that the freezer needs to be purchased separately and it is also not energy star rated. The price is also high that is 2,045.

After having idea about these combos, it will be easier for you to shop at Walmart for a mini fridge freezer combo. You can either select a combo from the ones mentioned above or select a different one. You will have an idea about the different size options and other features to look for when you go for purchase. Also keep in mind the prices, make sure you buy something is worth the price.

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