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Getting a Dorm Refrigerator: Helpful Tips

If you are just about to join college then chances are that you are quite busy preparing yourself for the same. Undoubtedly joining college is a significant step and a very exciting one too. To live a relatively comfortable life in campus, there are several items that you will need to have in your possession a good example being a refrigerator. Here are some tips on how you can get one without overstretching your budget.

First, is the budget itself; you need to set one. Without a budget, you can easily land on the wrong product. A refrigerator is not one of those items that you just walk into a supermarket and pick out without looking at the price tag. You need to come up with a figure that you are completely comfortable with and then make sure that you do not go beyond it.

You do not have to buy a new fridge for your college hall of residence. It is very easy to find people who are looking to upgrade and are, therefore, willing to sell off their old refrigerators at reasonable/throwaway prices. The best thing about buying a refrigerator from such people is that you can always bargain. Never accept the first price because when it comes pre-used items, you always pay what you bargain for. It’s always good to start your search in your own neighborhood because of the familiarity factor which is essential in the bargaining process.

You are also likely to find a number of refrigerator offers online. This undoubtedly is the most convenient option since you do not have to move around physically to carry out a search. A good place to start would be on eBay; just make sure you know the exact condition a refrigerator is in before purchasing it.

If you already know whom your college roommate is going to be, then you are in luck because you will not have to foot the entire cost of a new refrigerator alone. The two of you can raise the required amount and also search for offers individually. In addition to lowering the financial burden, it will also reduce the search-time.

Some campuses provide dorm refrigerators to students and therefore you might want to confirm with your university before making any purchases. It’s not simply the presence of fridges that you should ask about, the size also matters. You may find that they provide micro dorm refrigerators which may not be sufficient for your needs.

Last but not least you can always get a refrigerator for your college dorm from home. Undoubtedly this is a rather obvious option, but in a number of cases it is usually overlooked. You may discover that there is an old discarded refrigerator in your basement, which may only need a bit of work to get back in good working condition. If this option proves viable, it could end up saving you a significant amount of money. Another good idea would be to ask close relatives to ‘donate’ their old refrigerators if at all they have any lying around.

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