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GE GMR04GAEBB Small Fridge

GE is a renowned manufacturer and leader in the home appliances industry. It has become a popular brand name because the products provide quality and a good standard of life. The appliances are a reflection of the consumer’s imagination and needs and thus, they are always successful in meeting the demands of their consumers. Their assortment of kitchen appliances is aimed at bringing comfort and ease to the users so they enjoy a better experience in their kitchens. Amongst these is the GE Mini refrigerator, model GMR04GAEBB. This is a remarkable compact refrigerator with all the essential features that are needed to preserve food. It is one of the best options amongst the GE fridges range which can be placed in an office, a dormitory or a bedroom for personal use.

The total storage capacity of this model is 4.4 cu ft which is divided into a 4.0cu ft space for the fresh food fridge compartment and 0.4 cu ft space for the frozen items compartment.

It comprises of dimensions with a depth of about 21 inches and a width of about 19.75 inches. The height of approximately 33 inches is accompanied by a weight of 60 Lbs which make it extremely lightweight and highly portable. It is also a freestanding item so the installation is easy. You can place it anywhere in your house with convenience and then make use of the two front leveling legs to level the appliance in its position. Also, the door swing style is reversible along with a handle which is recessed in form. The design has an elegant look with the presence of rounded corners at the door edges and they add to the classic look of any spot that they are placed at. This model is available at different prices in three different colors; white , black and clean steel. All finishes give the exterior an aesthetically pleasant look.

The storage space provides versatility by the presence of two glass shelves in the fresh food compartment, one of these is full-width and the second one is half-width. The clear shelves are robust and not only provide for organized storage of food but also ensure easy cleaning of the interior of the appliance. Removal of these shelves can also be done if necessary for storage of tall items. In addition, there is a separate crisper drawer for fruits and vegetables that keeps them fresh. The top lid is clear for a good view of the contents inside. The separate crisper drawer is a distinct quality not present in most small sized refrigerators. The door shelves provide more capacity for placing small snacks and drinks. Also, there is a door can rack which holds beverage cans that are accessible. Side by side, the freezer has fine features too. The defrost system is manual and cooling temperature is first class and keeps the interior environment perfect for frozen items. There is a small ice-tray to freeze ice cubes in the small capacity of the freezer.

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