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Frigidaire FFPH25M4LB Consumer Ratings

Nevertheless, the small freezer is a little disappointing for users. It does not have any shelves and the defrost is manual. There are no ice-maker features in this fridge. Side by side, it is appreciated by users that this appliance is one of the very few mini fridges that are Energy star qualified and also 1-UL listed. It utilizes energy effectively and is also cost efficient in its maintenance. The appliance has one year limited warranty of parts and labor from the manufacturer.

In a nutshell, the reviews by users show a rating of 4.7 out of 5 for this product. It is most appreciated and highly rated for energy efficiency and quality. According to reviews, it is a good investment and simplifies and fulfills your food preservation needs.

Some people do not need a large refrigerator. People who live alone, have a small living space, or do not need refrigerator that much can manage with a small size refrigerator. In all such conditions, Frigidaire FFPH25M4LB refrigerator is most suitable. It is a compact refrigerator that occupies very little space in a room. The biggest advantage of a small refrigerator is that it consumes a lot less electricity compared to larger refrigerators. This model of Frigidaire refrigerator is Energy Star compliant so it is very energy efficient. When considered on a long-term basis, this type of saving in monthly electricity expenses can be huge. These facts make this product a smart buy.

FFPH25M4LB Frigidaire model has 2.5 cubic feet capacity. This compact refrigerator height is about 25 inches. The approximate width is 19 inches and depth is 18 inches. The unit has reversible swing door. When the door is open at 90 degrees then the depth is 34.5 inches. This model comes with one year limited warranty. The refrigerator does not have any dispenser. It has manual defrost operation. Because of high energy efficiency, this has received Tier I rating. The flat back design refrigerator comes with security lock and safety lock.

Even with its compact design the interior has two shelves for storing foods. There is one adjustable glass shelf while one glass shelf is fixed. The adjustable shelf can be adjusted to accumulate taller items. It helps in better organization of food items inside the fridge. The door storage system has three types of racks that can be used for storing beverage cans as well as tall bottles. The deep interior has good capacity for storing multiple food items. The freezer has 0.14 Cu. Ft. capacity to store frozen foods. It is easy to select temperature options with the help of single control knob.

Depending on the requirements, the user can install the door on the left or right side. The single door design of FFPH25M4LB gives quick access to everything that the user needs. This model of refrigerator usually comes in black color. With adjustable temperature control, the temperature can be adjusted according to the amount of foods or the required level of cold temperature. For colder settings, the user has to turn the control knob towards higher number. The manufacturer recommends at least 24 hours to adjust the unit to the new setting before setting it to another temperature level.

Frigidaire is a well-known name in the field of manufacturing home appliance products. It specializes in making different types of refrigerators. Frigidaire FFPH25M4LB is a lightweight refrigerator suitable for small requirements. People who store only small amounts of foods in their refrigerator find it highly suitable for their requirements. There is less electricity consumption and the refrigerator takes very little space. It has silent operation and the freezer can be set to low or high cold temperature. All these advantages have made this refrigerator very popular among consumers who need a small refrigerator. It is important to buy it from a well known source to avail warranty feature available from its manufacturer.


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