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Features Of Culinair Af100s Silver And Black. 1.7-Cubic Foot Compact Refrigerator

Culinair is a brand making its name in the manufacture of smaller appliances by utilizing state-of-art technologies. They are making products keeping in view the consumer needs and the needs of families in their houses. Their compact refrigerators are well liked by the users and can be conveniently placed in offices, bedrooms, dorms or hotel rooms where a lot of capacity is not a requirement. Amongst their assortment of mini refrigerators the Culinair Af100s is highly appreciated specifically for all the features that are offered in the small package.

This model has a storage capacity of 1.7 cu ft which is little but ample for personal use by one or two people. The dimensions of mini appliance are a width of about 16.9 inches and a depth of around 9.7 inches. The assembled height is approximately 19.3 inches which makes it a very condensed sized product. Also, the weight is only 22.5 Lbs making the whole product so lightweight and portable. One can effortlessly place it in any corner of the room and move it any time as well. The free standing and alone form factor make its installation extremely easy and the leveling legs are a great assistance too. The body is made of metal and the color and finish is a combination of silver and black giving it a classy and appealing appearance. Moreover, the door is reversible and the flush back design is present to save space in the compact interior.

In addition to the design, other features that make this Culinair appliance likeable and recommendable to users is the interior of the refrigerator. It is employing the thermoelectric cooling technology and the air circulation method. Also, the defrost mechanism is automatic suiting the user’s convenience. The shelves are adjustable and as a result offer flexibility in storage space. They can be taken out all together to place taller items in the short height piece of equipment. There are also door shelves which can hold two 1-liter bottles and chill them for use whenever needed. Side by side, there is an adjustable thermostat to set the temperature of the interior as per requirements. The interior light is present as well and is beneficial in illuminating the items in the fridge whenever it is opened.

Furthermore, the appliance is extremely quiet as compared to other fridges that make use of a fan for the air flow. It will not annoy the user with random buzzing sounds. The design by Culinair has a graceful operation and the stylish fridge is made to complement your needs. Besides being ultra quiet, it will not add too much to the utility bill because it utilizes energy effectively. The price of the appliance at most online stores in approximately $94USD and it is very reasonable and affordable for all the features that the user gets.


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