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Experience high quality of Magic chef MCKC490S

The Magic Chef range, Vissani is a manufacturer of home appliances to facilitate and assist people in their kitchens. The assortment of their cooling and refrigeration products is well liked and positively reviewed by users because the appliances are available at reasonable prices and provide a good value for the investment. The Magic Chef MCKC490S is one of the most featured items in their collection of products. It is a kegerator that can be placed in a kitchen or any room where you wish to pour beer or your favorite beverages at any time. It can also be converted into a refrigerator for flexible use.The quality, design and the features of this appliance make it a good product to be purchased for a household.

The MCKC490S is a Beer Keg dispenser cooler that has a storage capacity of 4.9 cu ft which is sufficient to serve the purpose of a drink dispensing cooler, in fact it is the best capacity available in the market for residential purposes.  The dimensions of the product comprise of a depth of about 24 inches and a width of about 20 inches. The height is approximately 33 inches which gives the whole appliance a tall and sleek appearance. The width of the cooler section is 20 inches as well. Also, the appliance complements the look of any spot if is placed at because of its color and finish of stainless steel. The appearance is rated well by users because the Beer Keg is a sophisticated appliance and a product of luxury. It can even be placed in home bars, lounges or drawing rooms for that matter. Not only will you experience a high quality appliance but your guests will appreciate the remarkable appliance, its performance as well as its look.

Furthermore, the double insulation of the appliance is an impressive quality to keep the keg and other items cool. The interior can easily accommodate about 0.5 keg or at least 0.25 keg. There is a keg tap included for dispensing beer. A carbon dioxide tank is provided with a holder for convenience and use. This Beer keg cooler performs extremely well and chills the beer and dispenses it. Users are generally satisfied with the performance of this Vissani product. Moreover, there is one more amazing attribute of this appliance that makes it more likable by the people. This refers to its utilization when  it is not being used as a beer dispenser. There are additional shelves given with it which are adjustable and can be inserted when needed. This means that the Beer dispenser can easily be converted and used as a refrigerator when required.

In a nutshell, due to the multipurpose usage of the MCKC490S it is rated at an average 4.0 out of a total of 5.0. It is a good purchase and will definitely add to a luxurious experience.


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