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Danby Mini Fridge Serves the Households And Individuals To The Best

Danby is amongst the largest appliance companies in the North America and has an amazing lineup of specialty, compact and comfort appliances to match the lifestyles of the consumers of the modern times. The company Danby was founded in Canada in Montreal Quebec in the year 1947. The company was initially a manufacturer of small refrigerators and electrical appliances. The aim of the company to supply outstanding value and quality with an ongoing dedication to create unique and innovative products designed to fit the lifestyle.

3.2 cubic feet space

This mini fridge is perfect for bedroom, dorms and lunchrooms. It can be adjusted to the same height as of your counter. The 3.2 cubic feet space makes it easy for you to store your snacks and drinks easily without worrying about the refrigerator being full. There is a freezer section inside the unit as well as egg storage and beverage dispenser.

Energy star rated

The unit is energy star rated and this means that you get to save on your energy bill by having this unit.  it consumes less energy and helps you save considerable amount of money every month.

Mechanical thermostat

The unit is equipped with a mechanical thermostat dial that controls the temperature inside the refrigerator and the compressor starts working as soon as the temperature gets beyond the desired level. It works in a way when you are starting the refrigerator for the first time, you have to turn the control knob of the temperature to the position mentioned on the thermostat dial. The temperature of the unit will be varying on the amount of food stored in it.

Push button Defrost

The unit has a push button defrost system. To start the defrost cycle, you simply have to push the defrost button in the red color that is situated in the middle of the control dial. When you push the button, the defrost cycle will start immediately. When the process of defrosting is completed, the push button will pop out itself and the normal conditions will start operating at desired temperature settings.  Note one thing that if by mistake, you push the defrost button, and then you will not be able to stop it manually. You will have to then let the defrost cycle get completed itself.

Other features of the unit include:

  • Glass shelves
  • Ice cube tray
  • Drip tray
  • Magnetic Gasket
  • Bottle rack for the storage of tall and large bottles
  • Egg tray for the storage of eggs

Danby DCR88BLDD 3.20 CU. FT. mini Refrigerator is an ideal choice with the price that is affordable and the features that are sufficient enough for the use in bedrooms, dorms and lunchrooms.

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