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Danby DCR033A1BDB appealing in its compact and black form

Danby is a famous manufacturer of home appliances and its popularity is largely accredited to the kitchen appliances that are provided by them. Their assortment of products is well known for the good quality and reliability. If what your kitchen needs is a little extra storage space for food, the  Danby DCR033A1BDB 3.30 cu ft is the right choice to consider. It is a compact refrigerator that will fit perfectly in a dorm room, office or a hotel room and can serve personal use. It can be adjusted to the height of the counter and it includes numerous other good features that make it a good fit for the household. It can be used for all food items to be reserved to meeting the needs of cooking in a kitchen too.

This is a counter-high model from Danby and it comprises of a capacity of 3.3 cu ft. A separate 0.34 cu ft is allocated as freezer space. The dimensions of this small sized appliance include a depth of 17 inches and a width of 18.5  about inches. Also, the height is  around 32 inches and along with the weight of 52 Lbs which is extremely light, the appliance if very maneuverable. The installation of the small appliance is extremely simple, not only because of the portability aspect but also its freestanding and alone form. The fridge has one door which is reversible and has hinges for opening at the right or the left side. The whole product is black in color including the handle of this miniature appliance. The smooth back design is also an impressive attribute because it saves space and makes the appliance flush fit with the walls. Hence, the appearance of the refrigerator is appealing in its compact and black form.

Besides the above design, the features of the compact fridge are impressive to add to a kitchen too. The fresh food compartment is larger and the small space is made to offer versatility and flexibility by the availability of two full-wire shelves and one half-wire shelf. These shelves are adjustable and ensure that the storage space can be used in an optimum fashion and in an organized way as well. Further storage space is added by the integrated door shelves and in this appliance the single small door contains three interior door shelves for placing small sized food items. Also, there is a two liter bottle storage space in these shelves too. The bottle storage space is tall and can fit items of some height too. Additionally, the CanStor feature provides a beverage dispenser and it is likable because it will give trouble-free access to your favorite canned drinks.

In addition, the freezer has a superior performance too. The defrost is manual and the full-width section provides ample space to store frozen items. Ice trays and other frozen food can be preserved in this small section for personal use and it will remain fresh and its taste maintained. There is a mechanical thermostat to adjust the interior temperature to suit one’s needs. Also, when using this appliance one can be sure of effective use of energy because it is Energy Star compliant. So, it will not add to your electricity bills as its operating cost is not too much.

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