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Culinair Af100s Compact Refrigerator Reviews

A huge number of companies that deal with home appliances have started manufacturing these refrigerators and freezers and one of these names is Culinair. Once they started, they were only manufacturing refrigerators which also had a small portion of freezers but now they have launched an entirely new range of compact freezers as well and the bestselling brand in this particular category is the culinair  AF100s   compact refrigerator.

Mini Fridge  White

Mini Fridge White

Attractive Looks

This particular model of culinair being known for its sleek and compact look is more preferred because of its extraordinary product dimensions. Excessively, this spotless and stainless steel adds an extra pinch of beauty and overall classy look to the refrigerator. These are mainly available in the shades of black, grey and other metallic colors but are also be found in some shade of milk white or ash white. In short, it is a very tidy small appliance with a single heavy door, a simple pure white or silver finish and an integrated handle on the top of the door.

Why is so high in demand?

As per different reviews which are found online and on other sources, it has been very obvious that the biggest market of such chest freezers is in USA. This is probably because of the lifestyle of the people residing there. Most of the families there are working families in which they only get time to cook once or twice in a week. Also this chest freezer can benefit them in a way that it can easily fit in some limited spaces and does not require huge spaces.

Culinair’s Product Specifications

The model number culinair af100s  compact refrigerator  is basically a pure milky and shiny white middle heighted freezer which has some manual operation for defrosting the food items. In addition, it also includes a reversible door along with a complete factory installed lock that is mounted at the top for convenience purposes. Its overall capacity is approximately 1.7 cubic feet. Internally this freezer comprises of a tow of fixed wire shelves which are completely transparent from the front so that things kept inside each drawer are visible. Also it has a thermostat which is adjustable as per your needs it is located in the rear of the freezer. As a summary to all its specifications, some of its main highlighted features comprise of a fully finishes white cabinet, a reversible door, factory lock, slim look with only twenty inch width, full range temperature control and two pull out drawers.

Most Affordable Price

It is just a price tag of $115USD in which you will be able to get as many qualities as possible that will add value to your overall cooking convenience. As per these amazing features and performance of this model of culinair means that it should definitely be one of the top for you. Hence it is pretty clear and obvious that, it consists of all the important qualities that are required in a refrigerator that is meant for personal use. So, therefore it is one of your best picks especially if what you are looking for is a cooling package for a dorm room, office room or work place where the amount of food and beverages to store is little.