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Choosing Magic Chef 1.7 cu.ft. Compact Refrigerator

Magic Chef has been leading in the field of appliances for more than 20 years. It has strong network of worldwide distribution of products and storage facilities. Customer satisfaction is their top priority, hence quality customer dealing is ensured with positive results. The branded items of Magic chef appliances are of great value and total quality management is the prime focus. The Sales and Management team assist oversee every segment of dealing to ensure that the goods are delivered at the desired destination within reasonable time in excellent condition. The Warranty given by Magic chef is one of the best. It is provided on the basis of extensive components schedule and domestic network services and other links. Furthermore it provides a warranty to repair. Magic chef is competent enough to source appliances. It sources batteries, ice makers, chest freezers, various microwave ovens, compact refrigerators, small kitchen appliances, different coolers and refrigeration equipments to be used commercially etc.  Magic chef is known for its dignity in home appliances. Such products help to simplify the jobs of the users.

Magic chef 1.7 cubic foot refrigerator provides sufficient storage for your preferable beverages such as water, lime juice and sports drinks. 2 wire shelves helps to organize the quality of the food, so you can easily and rapidly grab snack in your room at any time you want or find your lunch at the office premises. The 1.7 cu. ft. capacity fits well in multiple modes and the exterior of the refrigerator is black in color. It has an option to customize the temperature at any range as and when needed and the control is with you. The taller items as well as the smaller items can be conveniently put into the refrigerator as the door storage provides sufficient space. It also provides reversible door facilities hence the user has various alternatives for placing in a room. Stability can be maintained, thanks to its adjustable leveling stand. Black exterior seems to be best match with variety of interior walls. It is also listed with ETL. Warranty is 1 year on parts and labor services. Furthermore, the warranty of compressor component is 5years and carry-in service. The Product Dimension is 17.7 (20.1) 17.7 inches. The weight of Magic chef  (MCAR170B) is approximately 31 pounds. It also has a smooth back design.

The assembled depth and width of this refrigerator is 17.7 inches each. The assembled height is 20.1 inches. The appliance cabinet is black in color. Manual options are available in order to defrost. The depth with door open 90 degrees that is right angle is 33.86 inches. Its operational trait includes the cooling of the refrigerator independently. This refrigerator only has one door.

Magic Chef mini Fridge  (MCAR170B) has two food shelves. This product is returnable within 90 days of its purchase. It does not include the features of dispenser. It is a highly demanding product because it is inexpensive. Furthermore the users can avail multiple benefits from this refrigerator. The price of this refrigerator model is $150.05 per unit. The key focus of Magic Chef is to produce quality products and creativity and uniqueness shall not compromise and the customer shall be given a customized product so that his satisfaction level is always at a peak.

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