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3.6 cu.ft Microfridge would be the most suitable choice for you.

Dealing with many appliances in institutions such as colleges and universities, hotels, military amenities or in assisted living homes is hectic due to the limited spaces offered. With the invention of Microfridge that inculcates the functions of a refrigerator, freezer, and a microwave back in 1987, we are now able to enjoy the functions of many kitchen appliances all in one. This amalgamation appliance is the solution of overloaded circuits and limited room spaces.

The 3.6 cu. ft. microfridge mini fridge with only one door and containing the following specifications. It has a black outer covering and its interior is glacier, inner shelves and on door shelves, can and bottle door storage sections, an ice compartment that is of appropriate size and a 24/7 fresh drawer, consumes a minimal floor space with its 20.13 inches length, 18.63 inches width, and 33.5 inches height.

You may be worried whether these appliances are effective. With 3-6cu-ft-microfridge, you will have sufficient storage room to keep your beverages and snacks near you. Their shelves, bottle-door storage compartments, and stay-fresh compartments will keep your food and beverages cold and ready for consumption. In addition, it has a wide enough ice section, which makes grabbing ice cubes trouble-free. This ensures that you enjoy cold drinks and snacks anywhere without the need of ice picking utensils in the office or busy watching movies in your living room.

That is not all that a 3-6cu-ft-microfridge offers. Apart from reducing risks brought about by circuit overloads the Safe Plug technology consumes nearly half of the electricity that two split appliances can consume for the same use in the same period. It complements any room theme, ambience, and d├ęcor with its sleek contemporary design. Being an Energy Star model, it is eco-friendly, thus does not only reduce utility bills but also assist in environment protection.

To spice up the appliance, it is loaded with certain inventive features making every space more efficient and attractive. Its eco-friendly aspect delivers the ultimate versatility; some units have a Dual-Outlet Charge Station and Cord Clip that allows you charge your personal electronic devices such as phones and video players among others. In addition, it has a build in patented circuitry to prevent blowing of fuses or tripping of circuit breakers whilst reducing energy consumption. What a great deal from just one appliance!

3-6cu-ft-microfridge is a champion in convenience. It allows you consume whatever you desire when you need it. It is an accurate zero-degree freezer and has an auto defrosting aspect allowing you to store frozen foods such as ice cream and more for extended periods without you frequently setting it.

Our customer service is diligent with our websites working all round the clock. You can make orders online and be sure to get your appliance delivered to your room the next working day. For students who wish to rent, we also collect the appliance from your room when the rental period ends. Inculcating all the above advantageous services that 3-6cu-ft-microfridge offers and comparing with its low prices, you will surely consider it incredible.

To purchase this appliance, you can acquire on the website shop, at the main store, or look for leading dealers in the Consumer Appliance Industry. A reputable company always provides quality goods at the best value.

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